I suck at consistency…

…and at journaling, and at keeping records, but we’ll give this another go.

FIRST:  new arrivals in the garden, due to an impetuous trip to Portland Ave Nursery:

  • a couple of foxgloves
  • another dianthus
  • a gaura

Also, from the Farmers Market

  • some salpiglossis
  • a nasturtium that I put in a hanging basket
  • some poppies?  can’t remember where they are now

NEXT:  let’s tally all the the stuff that started blooming in late April/early May:  (NOTE this is no doubt earlier than usual due to the extremely warm winter):

Foxgloves:  Lo, the clump of mysterious and weedy-looking foliage did indeed turn out to be foxgloves, and there was rejoicing across the land.


And the cistus and flax did their usual simultaneous gorgeousness.


But the stars of the late spring and early summer have been my two David Austin climbing roses.  They are currently not so much climbing as sprawling, due to my ineptitude/cowardice at getting them tied up, but they are still gorgeous.

Crocus Rose, in full bloom in late May.  I love the form and the color, even when the blooms get a bit blowsy.

This is Crocus Rose, absolutely beautiful pale cream, and lovely at all stages, from first budding to blowsy-and-about-to-drop-petals.

She is ready for her close-up:


And her companion is The Generous Gardener, which actually I saw a glorious specimen of Saturday at the Portland Rose Gardens, growing up a lamppost.  I could not figure out how in the hell they actually got it to stay up–the supports were invisible.  (I have a picture of this on my other camera that I should download and insert here.)

20150525_113853 P1000032

I suck at consistency…

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