More text than photos here

Jeezus keeee-rist, figuring out how to get photos a) from camera into computer, and b) from computer into Picasa, and c) resized in Picasa (their way of doing this makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER to me), and d) into WordPress … I am exhausted.

Just wanted to add a few notes on the planning front:  first of all, I have found (I think/hope) a guy to redo the patio!  TA-DAA!  Turns out he’s an Evergreen grad and seems like a really nice guy, and the bid to have the whole thing done is manageable for me.

Then I am inching into the vicinity of the neighborhood of making up my mind about the raised beds and actually taking ACTION.  I’ve computed lumber needed and just have to get someone with a strong back.  It would actually make the most sense to hold off and do this in the fall, but I may get too impatient.

In front — all I know is I want a tree, and probably a spreading crabapple (Donald Wyman for example) with white blossoms and good fruit color and holding in winter and disease resistant.  Of course, the only place I can find Donald Wyman is at ForestFarm, and I would really really rather choose my own sapling, rather than just have something random shipped.

I’ve been thinking about putting a katsura in the back yard, right about where the yellowjacket-dirt-mound now reposes.  But this of course will wait until the patio is done.

More text than photos here

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